Sheets and Chenille

One thing you may not have thought about looking for is vintage sheets and chenille blankets.

You can find these at most thrift stores for low prices. Wether you want to resell or keep for yourself(if you can find the correct size), the sheets are always one of my go to aisles in the thrift store.

New in the package sheets are not always available at the thrift store, a lot of time they take them out to hang them up but none the less they are still desired. But be sure to check the shelves that are located near the linens for new in package.
The funkier the design the better they sell. There are quite a few facebook pages to buy and sell vintage linens. Be sure to check them out to get a better idea of what sells.

Below are some of my finds from past thrifts and estate sales

Look for names like Martex, Vera by Burlington, Lady Pepperell. There are a lot of vintage sheets brands and designs out there.

Most unfortunately only come in twin and full/double. Occasionally you will be able to find king and queen sheets.             75% of the time you will find flat sheets. If you do find fitted sheets be sure to check the elastic if they are out of package.

And then there is chenille….. these gorgeous super soft blankets are always a treasure. I have quite a few for personal use. They are light in the summer and when laid over another blanket they are great for colder months.

I have not found many that were not beautiful. They are usually a little pricier at the thrifts but well worth the money.

The holy grail of chenille…the peacock!!!

I have never seen one in the wild. They are very very sought after and can fetch up to $250 or more.  So this is a MUST BUY if you ever run across one.

Christmas is coming soon, so you may want to check out twobarbies on, this shop has every color imaginable.

When sheet hunting keep in mind funky, floral, flat and fitted.