Where to sell and why

New to reselling or thinking about starting to resell? Where is the best place? What are the fees? How long will it be before i get a sale? These are all good questions.

Which I will answer with the knowledge that I have obtained through trial and error and my stats on the sites I use to sell.

There are many platforms to sell on, EBay, etsy, Facebook, Mercari , poshmark and probably more that i do not use.

My main sales come from Etsy, but I also use eBay and mercari ocassionally. As with anything, sales come and go depending on the time of year. Im going to attempt to explain my strategy on selling and the pros and cons of each. But the most important thing i have found out is CROSSPOSTING.

I list most of my items on etsy first. They may sell quickly or you may have them for months.. Etsy for me is the best. Low fees of around 3% and each listing costs 20 cents. Shipping discount(which allows you to make money on shipping). People tend to spend more money on etsy and do not haggle on prices as often.

You can completely customize your etsy shop and make it your own, signature to your genre of items. Once you are well established you will have many repeat customers but things sometimes take longer to sell.


When things are not selling well on etsy or not selling at all.. before you take it all back to goodwill or the thrift, list it on Mercari. Things that you have had listed on etsy for months may only take days at most to sell on here.

Fees are high at 10%, almost everyone will haggle you on the price. They offer flat rate shipping so it is more buyer friendly.. but that also means that you make nothing on shipping.  Also you have to wait until the buyer rates you to get paid.


And lastly there is Ebay(feebay is what I call it) which is my least favorite place to sell. Some people make a great living on eBay but it’s not for me. Fees are 10% then PayPal takes another 3% (13% total). You do have to wait for your money a few days at most. You do get a shipping discount so that’s a plus. I guess.

There are people who seem like they use eBay to just leave negative feedback, get things for free or discounted or better yet never even pay. On auctions the buyer has 8 days to pay(4 days after an unpaid item case it opened). They may never pay. Unless it’s a rare piece that is going to get a lot of attention I wouldn’t use the auction.

No matter what platforms you use to sell, when sales slow down cross post. Reviews and ratings will make or break you.