Rare Pyrex

Well lately it seems like all pyrex is rare. Mostly since all the articles about how old pyrex is worth a lot of money.  Htf things going for over double of what they would have 6 months ago. 

If you do a search on ebay for “rare pyrex” you get a lot of results. Maybe 3 of the 2000+ results are actually rare.  And you will know because of the bids or reserves on them. 

If you are a newbie I highly suggest getting The Hot for Pyrex Guide to Rare and Hard to Find Vintage Pyrex

Some things in this book that were rare are no longer rare. 

 Some things that were htf are no longer htf, and there are new ooak pieces that have surfaced that are not even in the book. 

Do your research to determine if your pieces are common, htf or rare. 

Certain regions have produced more htf and rare patterns than others, mostly near old pyrex/corning plants. 

I have been lucky to live fairly close to a pyrex plant. I have stumbled upon quite a few good pieces.

  Below are some pieces I have found itw. And very cheap for what they were. The butter print mugs became an entire fiasco that I will probably talk about in a later post. There are only 20 known. I happened to get 5 at one time.  

Pyrex Burgandy Paradise 024 with cradle
Pyrex Bright Colors orange Souffle
Pyrex Butterprint 1410 mugs
Pyrex Golden Gooseberry 442

Check out @smokeyheightsvintage on Instagram to see all my finds. 

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