Let’s Talk Brass

Vintage brass can be found in almost every thrift and antique store you go to and depending on the item it may sit there for months upon months.

Bucks are 24″, 21″ and 13.5″ tall

Brass animals are always a must buy.  The bigger the item the better. Don’t be intimidated if prices are a little on the high side more than likely you can always at least double your money.

In an earlier entry I talked about the 2 huge brass deer and elk that I found. the 2 deer have since sold for $125 for the pair plus shipping and the elk for $165 plus shipping .

Brass items to look for when out

1. Deer

2. Pineapples

3. Elephants

4. Unusual animals such as toucans, crabs, water buffalo

5. ANY items over 12″

Obviously depending on price and comps these are all great items. Pictured above are some of my brass finds, which have all sold.

I just recieved a 23 1/2″ brass elephant that I should be able to get around $300 for, I only paid $68 shipped on Mercari.

You can always sell for a decently high price. Not to exceed actual value.

Don’t be afraid of heavily tarnished brass. I use Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish, 8 ozto polish all of my brass. 

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