Team thrifting

Thrifting alone is hard, have others thrift for you as well.

 Your friends and family have probably heard about how much good stuff you find. After they get over the initial confusion of why you are so excited about a find or that people buy that “junk”, they may enjoy helping you.

  I tell stories constantly about things I have found and how much it was worth or how I got certain items.  So much so that my mom now thrifts for Me, and my sister has started to follow suit.  

  We can only hit so many antique stores, thrifts, yard sales and flea markets in a day. When friends or family go on vacation or go somewhere outside of your normal stops ask them to stop at a thrift. 

Pyrex Pink Butterprint thrifted by my mother

  It may take a while for them to figure out what’s good and what’s not.. but eventually they will catch on… but they will. 


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